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We offer everything you would expect from a primary care office with unparalleled access to your doctor.

Medical Services

Concierge Primary Care

24/7 access to personalized and comprehensive healthcare.

Telemedicine Visits

See your doctor from the comfort of your own home whenever you need it.

Sick Visits

Prompt, attentive care for your acute health needs.

Home Visits

Provided by your doctor in the comfort of your home.

Preoperative Visits

Comprehensive assessments, ensuring safety before elective surgery.

Travel Medicine / Vaccinations

Destination-specific vaccines, prescriptions, and the latest travel health notices.

Early Cancer Screening

Utilize advanced imaging and blood technologies to detect potential malignancies at an earlier stage.

Hormone Optimization Therapy

Correct hormonal imbalances to optimize your wellness.

Health Advocacy

We're your care coordinators in subspecialty communication, scheduling, insurance approvals and in managing your healthcare needs.

Weight Optimization

Utilize latest advancements in weight management strategies under guidance of your physician.

Micronutrient Testing

Boost your immunity and longevity profile by screening for nutritional deficiencies.

Gut Health

Uncover food and chemical sensitivities that trigger chronic inflammation and learn how to regulate them
We are a membership based office. Everyone is welcome, but our members get access to special services, discounts and priority access.
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