We help you utilize your insurance coverage

We offer more than a traditional healthcare office, but using your insurance with us is simple and familiar, just like at any other office.

What to Expect

Your insurance will cover diagnostic services and procedures outside of visits included in our membership. Your membership unlocks expanded access to your health care team as well as additional benefits. If we aren’t in-network with your plan, you can often still use your insurance as a form of payment. Contact us to find out about your coverage.
We are in-network with these trusted carriers:
We are In-Network with Cigna Insurance.
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everyone is welcome

Not everyone has insurance or wants to be limited by their in-network options. For those patients we offer discounted rates for health services when not using an insurance plan as payment.


Still have questions about your insurance?

Reach out with your insurance details and we will happily confirm your coverage and benefits.
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